Tips for Buying Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

The kind of equipment you use in a restaurant kitchen can break or make your success in this competitive food service industry. It’s highly essential to select the correct kitchen equipment since they are your fixed business assets. This means that you will be making a one-time worthwhile investment and you can’t afford to make mistakes. You need to have all the necessary items that will ensure that the kitchen functions efficiently and meets the varied customer demands.

How will you know the right equipment for your kitchen? Consider these factors:

Knowing your menu

Before buying any equipment, you need to ensure that you have decided on the kind of food you will be offering to your clientele. This sets you on the right path. You will select the equipment you will need for preparing, cooking, baking, serving, preserving, and storing the food.

Measure the kitchen

The equipment list that you have created may be comprehensive but, are you sure that all those items will fit in your kitchen space? Knowing the size of the kitchen will assist you to know how many items it will accommodate and how big they need to be.

Opt for top quality brands

Durable restaurant kitchen equipment is all you need. Even though you want to get products that fit your budget, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice quality so you can save some dollars. Conduct an extensive research on the best equipment in each category and check customer reviews for the restaurant supply store Toronto. You want all your products to be designed with functionality, safety, and efficiency in mind. The equipment should be able to meet the set restaurant codes and also withstand the constant wear and tear.

Think beyond your floor space

The kitchen floor isn’t the only place you can keep your equipment. Tabletop surfaces, shelves, countertops, storage carts, and other units can be used to conveniently hold your small appliances and some of the larger ones. You can also decide to buy a countertop oven in case you need a commercial oven, but there is no space for another big appliance.

Utility Specs

Consider how your equipment will be hooked into your system. Will it run on electricity or gas? In case the building runs on electricity only, you will waste more money. Just ensure that it matches what you have in the kitchen.

Inspect it

Don’t make a mistake of signing for delivery if you haven’t checked your equipment. If any damages occurred during transit, you would find it easier to take it back and ask for a replacement.