Surviving the Restaurant Business With 5 Simple Tips

The restaurant industry has been a strong and lucrative one for the past century. Surely enough, it will continue to churn profits for more decades to come. As a restaurant owner, survival of the first six months is crucial to making it big in this industry. It takes patience, good food, and reliable supply partners to build a great restaurant. Here are five ways you can source your restaurant supplies, from pans to flour.

Determine a Budget

Know how much you can shell out for your supplies. A restaurant supply store toronto will feature different prices for their merchandise. And as much as you'd want to get the latest and most expensive Foreman Grill or dishwasher racks, your budget will curb your choices and be a predominant factor in making your final decision. Strive a balance between affordability and quality in your supplies.

Consider Mildly Damaged Supplies

Transport of heavy commercial restaurant supplies from its manufacturer to partnering restaurant supply stores are often a laborious and time-consuming process. During the delivery from Point A to Point B, these supplies can get dinged up and exhibit imperfections when they arrive to the store. Rather than return them to the manufacturer, which takes time and disrupts cash flow for these supply stores, they choose to sell them at discounted prices.

Buy in Bulk

Replenish your kitchen and inventory at scheduled dates. Buying wholesale actually fetches you lower per-item prices than what you would've paid for buying supplies at smaller portions and from different supply stores. Buying in bulk also minimizes time consumed since you only have to allot one day for restocking.

Lease Equipment

From ovens to chairs, it's possible to lease equipment for your restaurant business. In fact, it's a more popular option for many restaurant owners who start out without sufficient funding. Restaurant equipment lease contracts usually give restaurant owners the option to buy the equipment for a fraction of the original price after the lease contract expires.

Take Care of Equipment

Proper handling and regular maintenance both play key roles in making sure your business has its equipment and supplies to carry out daily operations. Train your line cooks, dishwashers, and other personnel to handle the equipment as safely and proficiently as possible. This prolongs the equipment's lifespan and minimizes costs of replacing them in the future.

Finding a good restaurant supply store to partner with for the long term can be tedious but nevertheless important. Do a trial run with your candidates and see how well they deliver on orders, the consistence in quality of supplies, the fixed or variable pricing of their equipment, etc. These factors will help you decide if the restaurant supply store is the most suitable business partner for your restaurant.