Selecting The Perfect Espresso Machine For A Restaurant

Even if you are not running a coffee shop, an espresso machine is a great addition to your restaurant. Your customers may want a jolt of caffeine that they feel a simple cup of coffee just won't do. But when purchasing an espresso machine, you will want to take the time to carefully select one that will be highly reliable and produce a quality product. Unlike other types restaurant equipment Toronto, you will not be able to produce a good product at all unless you purchase the right machine.

The Machine Type

Espresso machines are divided into three types: a single boiler, double boiler and heat exchanger. For most restaurants, a double boiler is the recommended choice because it has the ability to steam milk and pull shots at the same time. Also, you can choose between manual, semi-automatic and automatic espresso machines. Automatic espresso machines are the most practical for a restaurant.

The Grinder

The absolute most important part of having a good espresso machine is having a good grinder. The espresso is the harshest brewing method that is available. The secret to having the coffee still taste great is the grinder. The coffee needs to be ground to the particle sizes that are necessary to extract effectively. A great grinder will produce a much better espresso than a very expensive espresso machine without a grinder.

The Water Source

Some espresso machines need to have water plumbed into them. Other espresso machines have a reservoir that must be filled manually with water. Then, some have both options. Ideally, having both options is preferable because receiving water directly from the main water line is convenient, but you may need to move the espresso machine to a location that does not have direct access to plumbing.

The Machine Maintenance

Look at how complicated the machine is since this can affect how difficult it will be for the machine to be cleaned. Find out if the espresso machine is self-priming and if a thermostat is used. These features will determine how much effort must be put into regularly making espressos for your customers, which can affect labor costs.

An espresso machine might seem like an inconsequential investment. However, if you own the type of restaurant that has clients who are very likely to want an espresso, this investment can lead to there being an additional reason for customers to want to patronize your business.