Restaurant Equipment Needed to Open a Steak House

You have always dreamed of owning your very own steakhouse and now that it is almost a reality, you are looking at a very long list of restaurant equipment needed for this big project. Breaking it down into manageable pieces will make the process much less intimidating. The supplies and restaurant equipment that will be required include:

Dining Room Furnishings
A steakhouse is usually fairly rustic, so heavy wooden tables and chairs may be exactly what is needed. Galvanized steel bar stools and a long wooden bar would also be a nice touch. A built-in salad bar with a sneeze guard can also be constructed for easy dining.

Large Kitchen Equipment
The most important piece of cooking equipment in a steakhouse is the grill. It should have plenty of space to handle several steaks at a time. A fryer should also be a kitchen staple. It is perfect for those spicy fries and crispy onion rings. Coolers, ovens, broilers, and walk-in freezers and refrigerators are also necessary pieces of kitchen equipment. Dish washing equipment is also a must.

Kitchen Small Wares
The number of smaller items needed for this type of operation is virtually unlimited. Pots, pans, utensils, sheet pans, racks, cutting boards, cleaning supplies, coffee and tea machines, blenders, food processors, mixers, and more will all be very small but vital pieces of the operation.

Dishes, Flatware, and Glasses
Platters should be the norm at a steakhouse. They should be large enough to hold the biggest and best piece of meat. The dishes should be thick and serviceable. Glassware should be chunky and sturdy. A high quality plastic glass for dining would not be out of the question, but bar glasses should be of glass. Beer mugs should be a standard.

Service Needs
The dining room will need extra supplies to keep it in smooth operating condition. Aprons, trays, bus tubs, sweepers, registers, carts, and many more items will be necessary for top-of-the-line service.

A steak house doesn't necessarily need a lot of linen. A good quality napkin may be in order, but tables should be of a quality that tablecloths are not necessary. A few pieces of good skirting should be kept on hand for special events and impromptu buffets.

Bar Supplies
Most steakhouses have some type of bar or drink service. A good beer tap system is always a plus. Bar mats, pourers, ice bins, margarita machines, bartender supplies, and a strong inventory system will help this area run efficiently and smoothly.

As you can see, opening a steakhouse is no small task, but if it is your dream, you will make it happen. Build up your restaurant equipment Toronto and supplies slowly and possibly even expand into catering after your reputation and your sales increase.