Kitchen Equipment Needed To Open A Chinese Restaurant

Chinese cooking has grown in popularity across Canada--ultimately making the demand for the cuisine elevated. Surely the art of executing Chinese cuisine can not be done with basic kitchen equipment, but requires specialized materials that can perform the necessary tasks. A restaurant supply store is often the only place that this equipment is readily available and of quality, so frequenting one to remain updated and to retain knowledge of what you need to run a Chinese restaurant is key.

Asian Cutlery

Among the necessary cutlery includes a Santoku knife, which tends to be for those with smaller hands and that need stronger, more durable steel to perform the necessary cuts. Though this is more common in Japanese cooking, Chinese restaurants appreciate the efficiency of the blade, and its ability to mince, dice, and slice the popular ingredients.

A Chinese chef's blade is completed with an eight-inch, chunky blade with a curved edge. Used for the majority of Chinese cooking, the purposes of this blade include mincing, slicing, dicing, tenderizing, crushing, paring, and carving. Ping knives for cutting vegetables are crucial, too.


Asian skimmers are popular in this style of cooking, as they are used to separate bones, meats, and vegetables from steaming broths. Also referred to as a long skimmer, this utensil is a vital part of preparing Chinese fondues and in the art of cooking with a wok.

Mandarin and Cantonese strainers are deep bowls with either mesh or perforated metals, and are used for blanching vegetables or meats for frying, and removing heavy pieces of food from fryers or broths.

Everything Wok-Related

The most important part in Chinese culinary arts is a wok and all of its utensils. Used for stir-frying, braising, searing, smoking, frying, and steaming food, this equipment is typically made out of carbon steel and cast iron. The deep, round bottom of the wok heats more than the sides, which allows specialized cooking and cooling to take place simultaneously. Ranges that properly heat woks and fit their curves are essential for this process, too.

Wok spatulas and ladles with curved blades and long handles, and a wok brush with stiff, thick bristles that removes caked on, burnt food that results from cooking are all necessary supplies as well.

Small Appliances

Dim sum, which is a dish composed of pork buns and miscellaneous dumplings, needs to be steamed in a specialized cooker, known as a dim sum steamer. Traditionally, these steamers are used for both cooking and even serving the dish. A hot pot is another appliance that often holds steamed coconut milk or broths, is transported to a table of guests, and used to make dishes, like soups or sauces.

Of course, rice cookers are a crucial staple in Chinese cooking, and are used for small or large batches. The consistency is perfect each time, and the appliance is able to be left unattended while a chef cooks other items--ultimately making it efficient and cost-effective. Speak to a restaurant supply store Toronto to assess what you need for your specific store.