Forget the Food Network: Outfit Your Kitchen Like a Pro

The Food Network is a blessing and a curse. Though oftentimes helpful, it's convinced many that kitchen equipment is more expensive than it needs to be. Real chefs outfit their kitchens at the restaurant supply store.

Tune into the Food Network and see beautiful kitchens outfitted with the latest in wonderful, expensive cookware and gadgets. Not only is it all top-flight stuff, it’s all in prime condition and clean as a whistle.

This is because it’s provided by sponsors who hope to convince viewers to load up their credit cards with $500 saucepans. It works: People buy that stuff. They saw it on Food Network. That must be how it’s done.

However, that’s not how it’s done - especially not among people who know the secret: the friendly neighborhood restaurant supply store toronto.

Where the Pros Shop

It’s no secret that restaurants tend to come and go, and when they shut their doors, their supplies are often fed back into the restaurant supply chain. The more durable parts of a kitchen setup might be reused for years in a variety of establishments.

At a restaurant supply store, you might find deals like sturdy chef’s knives for $10. A dinged-up-but-useable heavy aluminum saucepan might ask only $6. Thick cooking sheets often go for less than $10 and are fine if you don’t mind some scratches and baked-on stains (and you really shouldn’t). Stainless steel mixing bowls might have a dent or two, but often go for a fraction of the new price.

If you’re getting into cooking, it’s worth a trip to your local restaurant supply store. Even if you already have an outfitted kitchen, you can sometimes get ideas on how to better arrange your implements at these stores. You often find pot hangers and baker’s racks for a reasonable sum.

Professional-Grade for Less

The items you find in a restaurant supply store are true professional-grade. Although they might not be the prettiest, they'll likely outlast and outperform the more attractive things that end up on young couple’s wedding registries.

If you’re looking for real cooking wisdom, be sure to visit your local restaurant supply store. You’ll save money and gain experience with the real tools of the trade. If your cooking adventures happen to get you noticed by cable TV executives, they’ll provide the pretty new stuff as part of the deal.