A Good Restaurant Supply Store Can Be Like A Best Friend, To Restaurant Managers and Owners

When you own or manage a restaurant, there's a good chance that you regularly do business with at least one restaurant supply store.

Around the Corner, and Around the World
Due to the convenience offered by the Internet, consumers are no longer limited to only doing business with their local restaurant supply store Toronto. No matter how big or small a needed item may be, there's a good chance that it can be purchased online through a restaurant supply store's website.

Front of the House
While restaurant supply stores are known for stocking and selling various types of kitchen equipment, they also usually sell different types of products that are utilized in the dining room, or front part of the restaurant.

The type of dinnerware that a restaurant uses can help to create the establishment's identity. Dinner and lunch plates, bowls, cups and saucers, coffee mugs, glassware, and flatware can now usually be purchased at a restaurant supply store.

Items such as napkins and dispensers, sauce cups, condiment dispensers, salt and pepper shakers, table lamps, and menu covers are also available at most Canadian restaurant supply stores.

Ovens and Ranges
For most general-purpose cooking and baking, restaurants normally purchase ovens and ranges from a restaurant supply store.

Griddles and Char-broilers
One of the most effective and versatile pieces of commercial kitchen equipment that a restaurant can use is a griddle, or flat-top grill. Gas-powered griddles are commonly used in restaurant kitchens, but the less-expensive electric-powered models are becoming more popular. Most restaurant supply stores in Canada now stock, or have access to both types of griddles.

With a standard flat-top grill, there is approximately a 30"x 15" flat cooking area that is suitable for cooking a wide range of food items. Pancakes, eggs, burgers, grilled sandwiches, vegetables, and many other foods can be cooked on these products.

For restaurants that serve lots of burgers, steaks, and grilled chicken and seafood, a char-broiler is a very useful piece of equipment. As with griddles, there are now gas and electric char-broilers.

Slicers and Mixers
Electric slicing machines are essential pieces of commercial kitchen equipment that can be purchased at a restaurant supply store. Slicing uniform-sized portions of meats, cheeses, and vegetables can help to simplify and minimize food costs. When it comes to purchasing a mixer, a counter top model and/or an immersion blender may be adequate for a restaurant's needs.

It's comforting for restaurant management personnel to know that if they need a specific piece of equipment right away, they can usually get it from a restaurant supply store.