6 Restaurant Supplies You Need to Be Trendy

Restaurant trends come and go. It's important to be up on the latest trends as it will help you to market and bring in new business. As you shop for new restaurant supplies, you should be aware of what to buy so that you can incorporate some of the top food trends into your restaurant.

Item 1: Sous Vide System
You should always be looking for new ways to cook food. Some of the restaurant supplies you budget for should include cooking systems. The sous vide system has been something seen on a lot of cooking shows recently. It involves placing the food in vacuum-sealed bags and then using precisely heated water to cook the food. It helps to take the pressure off of your cooks and deliver up some new and tasty food to your customers.

Item 2: Martini Glasses
Whether you have a full bar at your restaurant or not, martini glasses are a great item to have in stock. If you do have a bar, you can offer a martini menu with fresh fruit juices. Otherwise, you can use the martini glasses to serve up such things as shrimp ceviche or even chocolate parfaits.

The glasses allow you to set your creativity wild and deliver the food to your customers in a fun and unique way.

Item 3: French Fry Holders
Too many restaurants simply put french fries on the plate as an afterthought. You might have already seen that the latest trend is to use french fry holders. It allows you to portion control the fries. Plus, it delivers the fries in a fun way to the table. You can find ones made of metal, wood, and other materials to go with the overall decor of your restaurant.

Item 4: Silver Ramekins
Having some silver ramekins in your restaurant is a great way to be able to deliver sauces right to the table. If you make a house-made mustard or remoulade sauce to go with fries or some other dish, this is a great way to serve it.

You might also find that you save money on ketchup and other items by delivering just the right amount to the table. It's a trend that's here to stay. Plus, you get to keep the tables looking clear by removing ketchup and other bottles.

Item 5: Small Plates
By adding small plates to your list of restaurant supplies, you're able to offer more plate-sharing meals to your menu. Tapas has been a trend that has been gathering steam for quite a few years. Many love going out and ordering three to four plates to share between two people as a way of trying new foods.

The plates can be various sizes, colors, and shapes. Choose something cool that works with the theme of your restaurant.

Item 6: Tall Shot Glasses
More and more restaurants are getting away from serving up large desserts. People don't want a big dessert after enjoying a big meal. Instead, they want just a taste. Tall shot glasses allow you to make bite-sized desserts in the form of parfaits. Whether you fill them with lemon meringue, chocolate pudding, or some other creation from the kitchen, it gives people just enough of something sweet to be satisfied.

By knowing more about the latest restaurant trends, you can shop more effectively for restaurant supplies. It can help you to stay at the top of everyone's lists of where to eat when they want to go out.