Tacos & Beaches in California

Hello it's been a long time... again! I was busy for the past little while travelling a little here and there, but now I am back. I just returned from California, and it was amazing! Sun and food all day, everyday! The sad thing was that I got sick there, despite the sun. Ah well, can't complain. The weather was so nice!

santa barbara beach isla vista

We walked around the water here at this beautiful beach and later found our feet to be stuck with oil. Yeah, there were some oil drills nearby. Boo!

driving on highway in california

It felt like we were driving perpetually on never ending highways. There are only a few rare moments where the smaller roads are lined with palm trees like in the movies.

tacos in santa barbara

Lilly's Tacqueria place was kind of a hole in the wall place. I went for the cachette (beef cheeks) as well as ojo (beef eyes). The beef eyes were quite mushy, and the more I thought about it while chewing on it, the more I disliked it. Tacos here almost half the price as those in Vancouver! They don't heat the tortillas though.

view of santa barbara from little caliente hot spring california

Beautiful view of the city and beach from the mountains.

cobb salad california

Did you know that the Cobb salad was invented in Los Angeles? Me neither until I was looking up recipes and learned that tidbit from Sorted Foods... which is a British YouTube channel! My only hope is that this Canadian will teach you this as well for more irony.

janice on the beach in california

The ocean is so blue, and I really like my hat!

back of car sunset california

Driving away from the sunset.

wurstkuche hot dogs in los angeles california

One of the last stops before my camera malfunctioned, Wurstkuche who call themselves "purveyor of exotic grilled sausages". Hell, why not. I got the duck and bacon with jalapeno peppers which was pretty darn good.
art area little tokyo in los angeles, california

The restaurant is located near Little Tokyo and has a lot of artsy stuff nearby. It kinda reminded me of Vancouver, and I thought to myself: "I could actually live here".

la skyline guggenheim

I look so sick in this picture (yes, literally) yet so happy. All I want is just a damn picture with the LA skyline at the Getty!

Lilly's Tacqueria / Wurstkuche
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