Victoria: Buffet Brunch & A View @ Oak Bay Marina Restaurant

While we were staying at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria, we had AYCE buffet brunch at Marina Restaurant, which was really close to the hotel. It's basically at the wharf and has a really amazing view of the water.

The West Coast Buffet brunch happens only on Sundays, so reservations are definitely recommended. It ain't cheap though -- $32.95 per person. This includes juice, coffee, and tea... and a whole lot of other food, such as:

...Belgian waffles, French toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns...

...traditional egg benedicts and a lot of different desserts (including bread pudding, chocolate mousse, etc.)...

...as well, Certified Angus Beef Roast! Classy brunch. They also have sushi, salads, and soup. We got there fairly late so a lot of these things were gone already.

I'm not very good at plating. The beef was good and the seafood (prawn, mussels, and sole) too. I wasn't huge on the waffle, though. I had another plate of similar items after this, but didn't really try the desserts.

They also do custom omelettes made to order next to the carving station. Mine, filled with mushroom and cheese, was pretty good. Overall it was a nice Sunday brunch experience, except it was fairly pricey. I would've been about to justify it more if I was actually hungry. Darn.

Oak Bay Marina Restaurant
1327 Beach Drive
Victoria, BC
(250) 598-8555
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