Vancouver: Featured Hash & Jumbo Macaroni @ The Flying Pig

Other than the other time I had visited The Flying Pig a long time ago, I hadn't been back even though I've been meaning to so badly! I wanted to go for dinner, but instead, brunch was in order (because it was Kem's birthday!)

I had the featured hash, which was corned beef with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce (~$14). Delicious! Good runny yolk with the beef that was soft, but still had texture and a slight chew to it. Exactly what I needed for brunch -- a good meaty, eggy dish.

Camille got the frittata which was quite good as well. Not overly greasy, so bonus points for that. Oh, and somehow we got banana bread to start, rather than regular bread. Not sure if this was because it was Kem's birthday, but it was a refreshing change.

The braised beef shortrib jumbo macaroni  ($14) was delicious too -- I would definitely get this next time if I were back for lunch. The shortrib was tender and soft, and the pasta was gently coated with the right amount of sauce, which was creamy and rich. Overall, we were quite pleased with The Flying Pig. The fact you can make a reservation and not have to stand in line is definitely an added bonus.

The Flying Pig
1168 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-1344
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