Victoria: Pork & Steak @ Ulla Restaurant

While we were in Victoria, Dorothy and I were on the hunt for some good food as well. Sadly, we got turned away from a restaurant because it was packed and they didn't have any tables until 10pm. They recommended checking out Ulla Restaurant in Victoria's Chinatown. Sure, why not.

I opted for the pork three ways with potato & cheddar perogies, cabbage, chive, bourbon maple sauce ($26). It was actually more like four ways: one which seemed like a meat ball (far top left), crackling (on the perogie), grilled (bottom), and roasted (right). I liked how the roasted one seemed like HK style roasted pork, and enjoyed the meatball as well. The grilled one had a strong charred and smoky flavour, which I didn't enjoy, but I know some people like that smokiness. I found all three pieces to be overly salty though. The perogies were delicate and good and served as somewhat of a palate cleanser.

Doro had the 6oz grass-fed, island beef ($25), which was quite good, albeit again, a bit salty. The onion rings were fairly standard, but the hash brown cubes were delicious! Really good, with a delicately crisp exterior.

We added some veggies on the side as well, with kale, squash, carrots, and other fall seasonal vegetables. Alas, these were also quite heavily seasoned and could not help us with the saltiness of the dishes. I really wanted to like Ulla, but the strong flavours were a bit overwhelming. The food was definitely high quality and tasty the first half of the meal, but it just got increasingly salty which just overpowered the other flavours.

Ulla Restaurant
509 Fisgard St
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-8795
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