Victoria: Trout & Sablefish @ Stage Wine Bar

If I lived in Victoria, I would come here every other day. Maybe. While we were on the island, we visited Stage Wine Bar, and I would say in terms of quality, value, and taste, it is one of the best meals I've had in a very long time.

We got two fish plates to share; first, the Sooke trout, green beans, house bacon, and smoked almonds ($12.50). Size-wise it wasn't huge, but comparable to other restaurants. The main thing was that the plate here is smaller and there are less garnishes. This was really good. That bacon! The white fish along with the bacon fat... delicious.

Of course we had to get the seared local sablefish, tomato, nicoise olives, and pine nuts ($14.25) -- this was actually the last one available. This was plated very simply, once again, on a small plate. But really, this was good. And only $14! Seriously, this would be like $30+ in Vancouver (along with a bigger plate and garnishes). The fish was really quite buttery and soft.

Despite it being a wine bar, I opted for a Manhattan. (Too much wine drinking throughout the weekend, so had to change things up.) Cute glass, no? Anyway, I'd highly recommend that you check out Stage if you're in Victoria.

Stage Wine Bar
1307 Gladstone Ave
Victoria, BC V8R1S1
(250) 388-4222
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