Richmond: Spicy Soup & Hot Pot @ Manzo Japanese Shabu Shabu

Since it became so cold in the Lower Mainland all of a sudden, Dorothy and I were on the hunt for some hot pot. We went to Alexandra Road and hit up three different hot pot places, but every single one of the was packed! Ah, should've made reservations. But at least they had the kindness in them to tell us that they were packed and turned us away rather than letting us wait around (I'm looking at you, other Chinese restaurants.) We finally ended up at Manzo Japanese Shabu Shabu, formerly So Hot So Pot.

The name Manzo might sound familiar to fellow Richmondites out there -- there are two other Manzos: Itamae and Izakaya, on Capstan and Alexandra Roads, respectively. For some reason, this one is not on their site, nor was it on Urbanspoon. There was some difficulty calling and checking if they had tables.

The hot pot here is not all you can eat as per the usual hot pot style in Richmond. Rather, it is à la carte and they actually serve sushi here too. Of course we had to order the snowflake sliced beef. I don't recall exactly how much this was, but it was pretty pricey. At least $16, iirc. Indeed, it was nicely marbled and the beef was of good thickness -- not too thin, as some hot pot places tend to slice it.

Beef balls were on special for $6 or so -- fairly standard hand made beef balls, but quite smooth. We also got konnyaku bundles.

Well, non-AYCE meant that sauces were free! Each table had their own platter of condiments, which I thought was a nice touch. No need to get up and move. We also got vegetables and mushrooms -- each non-meat item runs about $5 or so.

Oh, and of course ma la spicy soup base (~$14?). This was really quite good and the highlight of the meal. Initially, we both thought it was a bit too mild, but didn't get them to add more spicy sauce to it. Thank goodness! By the end of the meal we were both almost in tears from the spiciness. Thrilling. Overall, the meal set us back almost $80 or so for two people! Food was good, but it was kind of pricey. I'll buy some ma la soup base and have hot pot at home next time.

Manzo Japanese Shabu Shabu
4731 Garden City Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 270-8892
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