New York: Chilaquiles & Quesedillas @ El Centro

Since we passed by this restaurant a few times and the friends we were staying in New York with had recommended it, we headed to El Centro for some Mexican food before going to the Chelsea High Line.

Yeah, living in Hell's Kitchen, we were pretty much spoiled with good food everywhere within a walking distance. Good times.

Free nachos to start! They were fresh and delicious.

Kem and Nat both had the grilled chicken chilaquiles ($12): homemade corn tortilla casserole topped with avocado, queso blanco, crema fresca & pico de gallo. This was really good! I regret not getting it. A lot of cheese, and with the crema fresca and pico de gallo, it was good. The avocado helped too, though I have heard that California is the place to go for those.

Instead, I had the chorizo quesedilla ($10), which was good with it's crispy tortilla. The chorizo was actually really strong in flavour and almost like a punch in the face (in a good way). And mmm, more pico de gallo and crema fresca. El Centro was good! Definitely a nice place to stop by and sit on the patio and people watch in New York.

El Centro
824 9th Ave
New York, NY
(855) 216-3648
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