Vancouver: Belgium Beer & Thai Mussels @ BierCraft Bistro

While we were around East Van, brainstorming what we wanted for dinner, Tiff suggested we go to BierCraft Bistro since she was craving mussels. (Yes, I'm going to have mussels in every other post these days.) Since it's been on my wishlist forever, I happily obliged.

So much beer to choose from! The thing is, Biercraft is known for Belgium beer... which I know nothing about. Apparently Canada's beer industry is "disproportionately domestic compared to that of other countries". Not surprised. So... I opted for this Belgium witbier because it sounds cool: Troublette. Apparently it's pretty famous. I enjoyed it as it was pretty refreshing, light, and slightly tart.

We shared the fish tacos ($11) with achiote and citrus marinated fish, cabbage, salsa and crema, chimichurri, and fresh cilantro. This was surprisingly the highlight of the meal, I thought. The fish tacos were seared rather than deep fried, which meant no batter, just fish which was very well marinated. Actually, quite generously sized pieces of fish too. Very filling and good with the chimichurri. I could probably just have a plate of these to myself next time.

We also shared half a pound of mussels ($10.25), done Thai style with sweet bell peppers, kaffir lime leaf, and red curry coconut broth. The mussels were plump and delicious -- not really any complaints about the shellfish, but Tiff mentioned that there was a lot more broth and it was a lot richer the last time she had them. I didn't mind the coconut broth, but I agreed that there could be more to ensure all the mussels were coated better. Oh, and Biercraft has quite the extensive selection of mussels, with six different methods of preparation.

We totally underestimated the amount of food we had and how hungry we were because we could barely finish even a third of this open-faced lasagna ($17). It reminds me a bit of ratatouille lasagna from Good Wolfe because it was pretty deconstructed and heavy on the vegetables, including zucchini, eggplant, roasted peppers, and cherry tomatoes. (This one isn't gluten free though and does contain lasagna pasta.) Although it was good, I prefer the traditional baked lasagna more because of the cleaner layers and melted cheese. Otherwise, Biercraft is quite a pleasant place to have a small snack or dinner, and I will definitely go back for those tacos (and more beer) again.

BierCraft Bistro
3305 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z
(604) 874-6900
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