New York: Burgers & Fries @ Shake Shack

One of the places we had to go to while in New York was Shake Shack. Everyone, literally, every single one of our friends that knew we were going to New York were excited for us, especially excited for us to try this fast food chain out.

Luckily for us, we lived relatively close to one of the newer Shake Shacks in town, right at Theater District, so after a grueling red-eye flight, we headed there for our first meal in NYC before heading to Times Square.

Still a bit out of it from the flight and not feeling too hungry, I ordered the simplest thing on the menu -- a single ShackBurger ($4.60), a cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce. Yeah, it was pretty good. Soft buns, large leafy lettuce, decent meat. The sauce is supposed to be where it's at; it's a mayo-based sauce with a bit of dijon mustard and chipotle to it. Pretty good, but not life changing.

Actually, I think the shakes are probably better, depending on flavour. The handspun chocolate shake ($5) was really thick and creamy. Really good, but quite sweet. By the time I had finished half, I was already over it. But! The Fair Shake ($5.50), coffee shake made with 100% certified organic Arabica Fair Trade beans, which I had another time, was really, really delicious. Thickness was just the same and perfect, but it was definitely a lot less sweeter and the rich coffee flavour was just so good.

The fries ($2.70) were crinkle-cut and pretty good, but even better with cheese, which we had another time. Basically processed cheese, but not overly salty and actually pretty decent with these fries. The crinkle cut definitely maximizes the cheese coverage, thanks to a high surface area to volume ratio. Woo, science. Overall, Shake Shack does provide a (relatively) cheap meal (we're talking New York here), so yes, it is good but not life changing. Then again, if you're wandering around town, you'll probably pass by a few. Stop by for the coffee shake if you can.

Shake Shack
691 8th Ave (between 44th St & 43rd St)
New York, NY
(646) 435-0135
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