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Irene and I headed out to Sura Korean Restaurant on Robson during our lunch break since she raved about a $15 lunch set. I checked it out online and indeed there were very many dishes.

The Lunch Set Course SU ($15 per person) consists of nine dishes, as well as three side dishes, rice for two, and a Korean rice punch for dessert.

To start: the green salad and dong–chimi. The salad was fairly standard and not anything too special, though I did appreciate that it was a bit more decorative than what you would normally see at an Asian restaurant. The dong-chimi was something new that I haven't tried before. The internet tells me it is a "radish water kimchi" -- are you supposed to drink the water? I'm not sure, but apparently it can be used as a broth with noodles. I drank some of the cold liquid anyway, and it was pretty good. Tasted pretty much like kimchi.

The tang–pyungchae or mung bean starch jelly salad was one of my favourite dishes of the meal. It was a refreshing cold noodle dish and it kind of reminded me of the Chinese jellyfish dish, except with less crunch. Nicely seasoned and very interesting texture.

The grilled Atlantic croaker was alright; it had a really strong fishy taste to it and wasn't particularly crispy. The potato pancake wasn't really that delicious either and reminded me of hash browns, especially since there was a bit of gochujang on the side. Kind of like Bob's hashbrowns with sriracha.

The bulgogi was marinated pretty well, but as I find with most restaurants, the beef was a bit overcooked and tough.

The tang–sooyuk, or  sweet, sour, and crispy pork was interesting. I haven't really seen this type of dish before, but then again, my knowledge of Korean dishes is limited. The exterior was not particularly crispy per say, but it kind of had that crunch that popcorn kind of has. The pieces were mostly batter rather than pork. The 3 kinds of side-dishes when we went were peanuts (or beans?), eggplant, and of course kimchi. That's pretty unique and different from the standard bean sprouts and daikon, which I appreciated.

The doenjang jjigae or Korean soybean paste soup was pretty good as well. Somehow I feel like no Korean meal is complete without a hot boiling soup, even on a summer's day. It's a bit different from the more common kimchi soup and not as spicy; also choked full of ingredients, but I tried to get to the soup more than the filler.

The bossam, a roasted pork, was pretty good as well and Irene's favourite. It was a bit on the greasy side, I thought, though the gochujang made it go down just a bit easier.

According to the menu, there was also supposed to be yam mousse, which we didn't seem to get. The Korean rice punch which we got as we were about to leave was decent. I had only a small sip of it and it was fairly light and refreshing. Overall, if having ten dishes for lunch for only $15 sounds good to you, check Sura out. I felt pretty much like Korean royalty that day and Sura offers some interesting dishes that you would not normally notice on a typical Korean menu.

Sura Korean Restaurant
1518 Robson St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 687-7872
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