Red Bean & Cream Korean Fish Waffles @ Five Loaves Two Fish

Since it was a rare occasion for me to drive up to SFU Burnaby, I decided to try out this waffle food cart located next to Hannam Market on North Road, seeing as it's quite a short drive from campus. I've heard about this cart quite a bit and tried coming here before, but it's actually closed on Sundays.

People call this the "mysterious Korean food cart that sells waffles" but actually, on the bottom left it does indeed have an English name: Five Loaves Two Fish -- a very familiar name! There was a "Five Bread Two Fish" at the Richmond Night Market last year, also a Korean vendor, but I'm not sure if they're associated with one another.

Although they offer sweet and vegetable pancakes, I came for the Korean fish waffles, which come in three varieties: red bean, vegetable, and cream. All items are $1 except for the red bean fish waffle.

The fish waffles are pretty cute and each the size of my hand. The exterior of the waffles were light and had a slight crispiness to them. They kind of reminded me of the che lun bing from Peanut's Bubble Tea in Richmond, but without the glutinous mochi part. The fish waffles here have a slight charred taste to them.

The filling for the cream one was also pretty much the same as the che lun bing -- both are this nice custard-like cream, which I have come to love so much. If I knew where I could buy this stuff on its own, I would just eat it everyday. In comparison though, the che lun bing are filled to the brim with custard, whereas there was some hollowness to the fish waffles. I'm pretty sure the volume of custard is the same, but there's something about a dessert that is filled to the brim that is so much more satisfying.

The red bean one was cheaper and pretty good! It's more of a mash of red beans rather than a fine purrée, which was fine by me. This fish seemed to be quite packed with red bean too, which was good. Overall, not a bad find in the Lougheed area, but I still prefer the mochi-ness of the che lun bings from Peanuts more. (And they're cheaper too!)

Five Loaves Two Fish Food Cart
4501 North Rd
Burnaby, BC
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