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Venturing out to the Coquitlam area since we were visiting my cousin, the family went to Sushi California conveniently located on North Road. I have heard amazing things about this place countless times, and I was mildly excited. Since we got here relatively early, there were tons of parking spots. However, I've heard that parking here can be a pain -- beware!

The deluxe assorted sashimi ($19) came with eight different types of fish, including tuna, salmon, yellow tail, hamachi, octopus, surf clam, scallop, and prawn. First things first -- these pieces of fish were huge, probably nearly the length of half a chopstick. I didn't love the sashimi to be honest. Sure they were large chunks of fish and seemingly fresh, but it reminded me of my high school days when I went to Banzai for lunch way too often. Regardless, the fish here was well thawed out, and there was really nothing wrong with them.

The salmon here was definitely better than my high school comparison, but I still found them to be not as flavourful as wild salmon. I also found a piece of tendon in one of them! Lame. Regardless, they were alright pieces of fish.

We also ordered a wide variety of rolls, including the spicy chopped scallop and dynamite roll. They were both alright, although they could have been a bit more nicely packed since they fell apart quite easily. I'm not huge on "spicy chopped" anything, or rolls actually, so I didn't love either of these

We also ordered some toro nigiri ($1.35 each).  This was good! Although still rather large, since it was on top of rice, the fish was thinner and a bit easier to tackle compared to the sashimi. The rice was a bit crumbly, though sadly. The seafood udon was pretty good too. I sampled only the broth and noodles, both of which were not bad. The noodles weren't that chewy, unfortunately, but still weren't the weird sour variety. Sushi California offers some very reasonable prices and large portions, making it a favourite with locals in the area. However, personally, I didn't love it because the sizes reminded me of high school so much. Don't get me wrong -- the food was okay (don't expect top-notch, but still decent) -- I'm just weird like that.

Sushi California
501 North Rd
Coquitlam, BC V3J
(604) 931-8284
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