Glowbal Collection Stop #3: Glowbal Grill

So because of the Glowbal Passport, as I explained in Part 1, I've basically been eating exclusively at Glowbal restaurants for the past two weeks and planned all my meals around the different specials they had because I am a poor student. The Glowbal Collection adventure continues:

Stop #3: Burger + Brew Friday @ Glowbal Grill

Back to Yaletown for a burger on Friday. Okay, why wouldn't you go to Glowbal Grill for a burger on Friday? The prime rib burger is normally $16, but it's $10 on Fridays and includes a beer. This time, we even had a choice of different GIB beers (whereas Society just gave us Coronas). Choosing is good.

The burger had all the fixin's you would want: pancetta, an over easy egg, cheddar, and grainy mustard mayo. Definitely a winner. I'd come back for this next month (when I'm supposed to be saving money...) if I have the chance.

Oh yeah, since we had one of those stubs from the brochures that's included with the bill, we got a free amuse bouche... this mysterious chicken thing that kind of tasted like hummus. It wasn't bad, but I wasn't a fan.

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Glowbal Grill 
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