Yolk's Breakfast & Holy Perogy @ Street Food City 2013

Seeing as the (now) annual Dine Out Vancouver's Street Food City was back and it was surprisingly not a rainy day, we went to the festival to grab an early lunch. Compared to last year, it was definitely much busier, with more trucks, more people, and more lines.

Although there were tents, I was disappointed there weren't any heaters like last year. Good thing it wasn't raining like last year.

I was set on trying the Friday special at Yolk's Breakfast -- the chicken and waffles (~$8). It was smaller than I had expected, but my coworkers also ordered it and turns out I got the short end of the stick. Nonetheless, it was decent. The chicken was piping hot and boneless, and I liked the meld of gravy and maple syrup. The waffles were fresh though, which meant no crispy exteriors, but it was still good.

We had anticipated that the waffles would not be enough, so the three of us shared the Dine Out special from Holy Perogy, one cabbage roll and four perogies for $10. I had visited this truck before, and I'd say it was still pretty consistent. We enjoyed the potato and cheddar perogies, though I didn't find them to be all that amazing. Still good and filling. The cabbage roll was decent -- I don't really recall what it was like, which means it was probably just alright.

Overall an enjoyable experience, since these trucks are normally farther from the office, and there were quite a few trucks to choose from.

Yolk's Breakfast / Holy Perogy
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