Sequoia Part 4: The Teahouse at Stanley Park

After a long and confusing drive around Stanley Park, I finally made it out with the family to The Teahouse at Stanley Park, which is right at Ferguson Point. (Note to self, this is past Prospect Point. I got confused and stopped at that really tall tree because I thought I had passed it.) Sequoia gift card in hand, we intended on trying their $28 menu, which for lunch, was $18.

For appetizers, we all started with the roasted roma tomato soup with goat cheese because the salad didn't look too impressive. I eat enough mixed greens at work. The viscosity of the soup was quite thick and mildly chunky from the tomatoes. I liked how it had a bit of acidity to it, but my mother didn't enjoy that.

It turns out they have an option to substitute the entree for either steak or sablefish for an additional $10 during dinner or $14 for lunch. I did it. Only because I had a gift card. The miso glazed sablefish was delicious. It's been a while since I've had this, and they did it right. The miso glaze was a good meld of savoury and slight sweetness and went well with the buttery piece of fish. I did find the extra sauce on the bottom to be a bit greasy, but it added flavour to the veggies.

The duck confit with fig demi-glace was actually my second choice, but you know, I have to diversify, for the sake of this blog. I had heard that people say that the meat was a bit tough, but I didn't think it was that dry or tough when I had it here. There was a bit of fat on certain parts, which was negligible.

The slow cooked beef bourguignon vol au vent looked alright. I had a small bite and it was flavourful. For desserts, there was only one selection -- the duo of lemon and chocolate tarts. I love lemon curd, so that was definitely my preferred tart. The chocolate wasn't bad too. Reminded me of the chocolates I had at Chocolate Art a few days before. Overall, it was a fairly good deal (especially with the gift card, ha). Sequoia Group offers their Dine Out menus for $10 cheaper at lunch every year (see: Cardero's post last year), and it's definitely worth checking out.

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The Teahouse
Ferguson Point
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-3281
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