Pulled Pork Pancakes & Trout Omelettes @ The Red Wagon

In search of some good brunch, we decided to drive to The Red Wagon on Hastings all the way from Richmond. Just for brunch. It was just that type of day. After hearing about it so long, I was really quite excited.

The beauty up there is the super trucker ($14.75): 2 eggs, 2 pulled pork pancakes, crisp pork belly, homefries, and toast. Apparently, the pulled pork pancakes are the thing to get. I found them to be a good blend of savoury and sweet, but I honestly enjoyed the ones from Hog Shack more. The pancakes here were chunkier and grittier (I don't really know how else to describe it), whereas the Hog Shack ones were a bit smoother. Perhaps I should've gone full out and gotten the bourbon maple syrup instead of the regular stuff, but that's another $2.50. Fifteen dollars for brunch is already enough. The crispy pork belly was good and reminded me of Chinese BBQ pork. Heck, any type of crispy pork belly does. Not bad.

Camille's trucker ($11.75) was pretty much the same, except the pancakes were "normal" and there was no crisp pork belly -- instead it came with a choice of sausages or bacon. The homefries here were decent, but I'm still a hashbrown (grated, please!) kind of girl.

Kem went for the daily special, which was a house smoked trout omelette with goat cheese ($10.50). The filling inside was definitely delicious, and I would order this if it were available. The omelette itself was really soft and smooth, which I liked -- Kem thought it was a tad too soft for her liking though.

The Red Wagon has a cool vibe to it and is worth a visit if you can bear the wait outside. We waited for about 30 minutes or so on a Saturday morning. Not bad, and we saw they handed out some hot cocoa for some patient folk outside bearing the cold.

Photo: Camille Wong

The Red Wagon
2296 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-4565
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