Frittatas & Brunch @ Tapenade Bistro

In another brunch adventure, we headed back to Steveston's Tapenade Bistro for some brunch before another lazy winter's day. A few weeks prior, we went to Cimona Cafe, and since we were too lazy to leave Richmond, Tapenade was a fitting choice. Maybe I should write about Steveston for a year. That would be an interesting blog.

Despite having been here several times, I have heard good things about their weekend brunch -- just never made it out there.

Everyone ordered egg bennies, except myself (diversification, for the sake of this blog, ugh). The traditional eggs benedict ($11) with its cured ham was pleasant, and I enjoyed the hollandaise sauce. There was also an option to swap the hashbrowns for truffle fries, which Mel did with her smoked salmon benedict ($12). Everyone has to do this, seriously. The whole area smelled of the delicious truffle goodness, and it's so much better than the hashbrowns, which were a bit plain. The beef short rib benedict ($15, not pictured) was pretty good as well. It was reminiscent of the fricassé from Café Medina, but not as hearty.

I had the bacon and gruyere frittata ($12) with double smoked bacon, caramelized onion, and gruyere, which I thought was decent. I felt this one here leaned more towards the "omelette-side" rather than the "quiche-side". It was pretty decent, but I like the one from Twisted Fork more. Regardless, Tapenade is a good choice for brunch within Richmond, and heck, Steveston is great for walking around at post-brunch.

Tapenade Bistro
3711 Bayview St
Richmond, BC
(604) 275-5188
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