Bentos & Chirashi @ Applause Japanese Restaurant

Prior to heading to Hive Hair Spa, we went for lunch two doors down at Applause Japanese Restaurant on Oak Street. I've wondered about this place countless times since it's right there when I go up the Oak Street Bridge from Richmond.

The bento box B ($12.25) is available for lunch only and includes four pieces of nigiri sushi, california roll, beef teriyaki on rice, chicken karaage, and salad. The sushi was fresh, and I quite enjoyed the teriyaki. It was quite flavourful and fragrant with garlic and had some mushrooms too. Not the typical boring stuff. The chicken wings and california rolls were alright.

The chirashi don ($12.95) was also pretty good -- there was so much fish! I thought it was a pretty good deal since most places charge the same amount, but the portion here was so much larger. Value-wise it's comparable to my go-to in Richmond, Takeya, which is cheaper, but smaller. However, I think the fish here is fresher, and I liked the rice a lot more. Sometimes the rice at Takeya is a bit hard.

The lunch box was so much bigger than most of the sushi lunch boxes in Richmond, and quite reasonably priced since four pieces of nigiri are included! The don, which is available for lunch, was also really filling and delicious. Overall, their lunch box and don were both really good, taste-wise and value-wise.

Applause Japanese Restaurant
8269 Oak St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 263-8968
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