Burgers & Beers @ St. Augustine's

I'd like to think I'm fairly good at directions.  I can following winding roads to someone's house and remember where it is five years later.  However, I seem to have this thing where I mix venues up.  This time I mistook the address for St. Augstine's (the church) for St. Augustine's (the bar).  Classy.  I've got to stop doing that -- trusting Google Maps so much.  Another time this happened was with Dunn's.

Anyway, we hit up St. Augustine's (the bar) for some beer.  This seemed like a regular neighbourhood bar, but actually this craft brew house has over 40 (!) beers on tap that are continuously changing.  That's pretty amazing.  And they have a live beer menu! That's so cool.

They offer paddles of four beers, each of 4oz, for $8.50.  From left to right: Thor's Equinox by Odin Brewing (Seattle, WA), Woolly Bugger by Howe Sound Brewing (Squamish, BC), Bière D'Hiver by Townsite Brewing (Powell River, BC), and Jubelale by Deschutes Brewery (Bend, OR).

My favourite was Thor's Equinox (they don't have this anymore, darn) which had quite a roasted taste to it.  Very easy to drink.  The Woolly Bugger wasn't bad either.  The two more "seasonal oriented" (for lack of a better term) were alright and had more flavours of spice and sweetness to them.

Since everyone had the burger ($15), I couldn't not give into peer pressure.  The thing was huge, with a half pound patty, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, and more.  I thought I did pretty well since I finished all the yam fries (+$2) and like 4/5 of the burger.  The burger was indeed quite good with the caramelized onion aioli and mushrooms, but I'm not huge on burgers.  I won't give into peer pressure next time and get something else.

Overall, St. Augustine's (the bar) is definitely a fun place to try out new beers.  Unlike some other places that serve paddles or samples (Alibi, Bitter), it's not in the downtown or Gastown, which means better prices and it feels more like your friendly neighbourhood bar.

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St. Augustine's
2360 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC
(604) 569-1911
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Hahaha, did you go to Dunn's Tailor for suit shopping before dining at Dunn's Famous?

Haha. Yup. I pass by the tailor shop everyday while transiting so I thought it was that Dunn's: http://bit.ly/Y3ScPk

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