Hot Pot & MSG Soup @ Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot 小肥羊

Okay, okay. I've posted about Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot before. But that was for lunch! They've recently changed things up a bit and now offer all-you-can-eat hot pot for dinner at $19.99 per person.

Soup base still costs extra -- just like most other hot pot restaurants. We chose the house special one. It's so good, with a mild herbally, strong garlicky / MSG taste. Yum, MSG.

I'm often hesitant about so called "hand made" beef balls, fish balls, and squid balls -- but these were good here! They were actually fresh and not of the frozen variety. I enjoyed them all, except for the shrimp ones. I was never a fan of shrimp balls. The dumplings seemed to be freshly made but frozen. They have really good chive dumplings, but that was in the fancy menu which was an additional cost.

We ordered a lot of veggies too. Everything seemed quite fresh, and the taro was good since it was deep-fried prior. The variety was alright too -- quite a bit to pick from.

Meat-wise, the "snowflake" beef (well, literally from Chinese) was good; the slices were thinner than that of Claypot Hot Pot, but the marbling was a bit more even. Both are good, I think. There was a marinated garlic beef (pictured on left) , which was not that enjoyable. The lamb slices were enjoyable -- with "Little Sheep" in their name, you sort of expect them to be. It's always an enjoyable experience at Little Sheep Hot Pot, just because the soup base is so delicious. Sadly it's full of MSG, and you'll smell like garlic after, but hey, sacrifices have to be made.

Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot 小肥羊
#405-5300 No.3 Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 231-8966
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