Bruschetta & Chili Chocolate @ Abigail's Party

Eh, I know. Last year I said I wasn't a fan of Dine Out Vancouver, but everyone asked me to go with them this year. Meh, food is food, so why not? After perusing the menus, I decided on a few $28 ones that seemed decent and weren't fully booked, including Abigail's Party. It's been a place I've always wanted to try, and DOV was a  good excuse for me to head out into Kits. We were pretty indecisive with our choices, so we ended up splitting everything. Good friending.

For appetizers, we chose the winebar bruschetta and butternut squash soup.  The bruschetta with caramelized onions, brie, cracked pepper, honey was not like the typical type topped with tomatoes, and we both really enjoyed this. Mmm brie is so good, especially pair with caramelized onions. The honey was an interesting addition to the flavours, and it went fairly well together with the melty cheese.

The roasted butternut squash soup was surprisingly strong on the coconut milk, making it quite creamy. I'm not huge on coconut, but it wasn't overly sweet and balanced out with the milder butternut squash flavour. Not bad.

The steelhead trout with a toasted oat crust and smoked white bean ragu was pretty good. I realize I rarely actually have trout, so I didn't really know what to expect. The fish was not as oily as something like sablefish, but it was still quite moist. Flavour-wise it was pretty good, though I wasn't huge on the beans as I was with the one from La Cigale.

The steak frites was decent. The flat iron was cooked perfectly medium rare, but this type of cut is not my preferred cut. Regardless, for a flat iron it was somewhat tender and had a nice flavour to it with the green peppercorn sauce. I was also quite full by the time we swapped mains (I had a late lunch!) so I don't think I can make a fair judgement on this.

The chocolate mousse was really thick and quite delicious. So rich with flavour. However, if no one told me that it had chili in it, I probably would not have noticed. The chili and bay leaf flavours are really, really subtle -- which I'm perfectly okay with since I'm not a fan of chili in drinks or desserts. The apple crumble was alright. I definitely preferred the mousse more, but the maple oat topping was still quite good.

Overall Abigail's Party was not bad for a $28 menu. I did the math for you just now -- normally this meal would have costed around $37 per person. Savings aren't bad, and it does seem like it is comparable to their normal non-DOV times; I just googled the dishes and it seems like the portions are pretty much the same!

Abigail's Party
1685 Yew St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 739-4677
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