On Danny's Market Screamers and Snow White

This is going to be a quick post.  You might not think that this place is that significant, but as a Richmondite, this is one of the landmarks that locals are quite familiar with.  I'm taking about Danny's Market, more commonly referred to just Danny's Screamers.  Although well-known throughout Richmond, it's actually quite far from city centre, at Francis and Garden City Road.

Originally Tiff and I had planned a day of working out and going to watch Snow White and the Huntsman after.  But of course, being the fatasses that we are, we ended up skipping on the gym.  Naturally, we went for lunch instead at Takeya Sushi in Seafair.  Prior to going to watch Snow White, we headed to Danny's.  Yes, we snuck in some screamers into the theatre.  Shoot me.


Paintings & Kale @ Chomp Vegan Eatery

Since Alyssa and I had some presentations to do for Hunger Army in Port Moody, we went to Chomp for some lunch.  I think it may have been my first time going to Port Moody ever! (Or at least the only time I can recall.). Chomp Vegan Eatery, asides from being vegan, is also an organic and gluten free restaurant.

I loved the interior of the store.  Everything was white and clean, and the chairs were ridiculously cute.  They had some cute paintings on the wall as well.


Food Truck Monday #3: Vij's Railway Express

On the third week of Food Truck Mondays, Andy and I went to the new food truck operated by a popular restaurant: Vij's Railway Express.  Vij's is one of the most famous restaurants in Vancouver and is nationally recognized.  Sadly, I have never been, but I have been to its sister (and cheaper) restaurant, Rangoli's.

Vij's Railway Express is located on Georgia, in between Burrard and Thurlow, and in front of Coast Capital Savings.  The menu is supposed to vary daily, with the menu listed on a television. They're fancy like that.


Asada & Carnitas @ Chronic Tacos Cantina

Both feeling a bit poor, I brought Tiff along with me for a quick lunch at Chronic Tacos Cantina in Gastown since I had a group voucher that was neary expiring anyway.  Chronic Tacos is a restaurant chain hailing from the States, and it is actually heavily promoted on my radio station of choice, The Peak.

The setting is quite casual and you're not actually supposed to wait to be seated.  Instead, patrons are encouraged to grab their own table. Our server then quickly welcomed us after we were seated and brought us some chips.  


Crab & Mushrooms @ Paul's Place Omelettery

After hearing much about what Doro and Kem referred to as "Omelettery", Doro and I made it out to Paul Place's Omelettery on Granville for some brunch before some serious studying had to be done.

We headed there around 11am and waited around 15 minutes for a table.  The wait for food after we ordered actually seemed a bit longer, or maybe it was just the anticipation.


Food Truck Monday #2: The Kaboom Box

Last week, I mentioned how we weren't able to try The Kaboom Box out because they were closed.  Good thing they aren't closed on Mondays, or else Food Truck Mondays would have never happened.  The main reason why Andy and I (well actually, mostly me) wanted to try this out was because I bought a voucher from VANEATS for Kaboom in a Box.

The Kaboom Box is located at the intersection of Granville and Robson, right outside the entrance of Sears.  From what I know, Kaboom Box and Fresh Local Wild (which I have yet to try) are somehow related.  Both focus on serving Oceanwise seafood in the form of burgers and poutines.


Ham & Strawberries @ De Dutch Pannekoek House

A restaurant that I have never tried (and honestly not really that dying to try) is De Dutch.  After some missed buses, our plans to have brunch downtown failed, and we ended up at De Dutch in Richmond.  Since they specialize in pannekoeken, Dutch pancakes that are 12" in diameter, we both got one each.  Something beautiful that they can do is split that pannekoeken in half, and you can order two different flavours.


#OhMySalaThai & Bananas @ SalaThai

VANEATS voucher in hand, Andy and I headed over to SalaThai for a late dinner. (It was late because we spent 30 minutes trying to look for a parking spot, but there was 30 minutes left in the meter! Win.). As you may notice, I actually rarely eat Thai food -- the last and only memorable post was probably Bob Likes Thai Food.  I actually have a post on Green Basil at I should do as well, but those are the only few that I have been to this past year.

As we walked into the door, we saw this cool watermelon carving with intricate details.  The restaurant was quite packed, and we were a bit curious as to why they needed to use a VANEATS package for promotion.


Cocktails & Petites @ Oyster Seafood

After a lunch at The Flying Pig and a walk around town with Dorothy, we headed to Oyster Vancouver for some happy hour oysters.


Food Truck Monday #1: Mom's Grilled Cheese

In a failed attempt to go to Kaboom Box, Andy and I went to Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck instead.  After that, we decided that we would make food trucks a weekly thing... on Mondays.  So it's only been two weeks since the start of Food Truck Mondays with him, and I don't know how long it will last.  Probably until I need to stay at school after class for group meetings.

Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck is usually parked outside of Pacific Centre, kitty corner to Chapters on Robson.  This food truck is probably one of the "grander" operations, since it's pretty big, and there were at least four people working in there.  Oh yeah, and I love how it's mint.


Pappardelle & Mussels @ The Flying Pig

After talking about trying Flying Pig's brunch for the longest time, Dorothy and I finally made it out to this Yaletown gem.  Unfortunately it was a Friday and brunch is only served on the weekends.  Still, no biggie, we got to try a few things we wouldn't otherwise have been able to try during brunch.


Cheese & Penguins @ Eat! Vancouver 2012

Last week was the annual Eat! Vancouver festival at BC Place, and it was my first time going this year! Big thanks Bo for taking some of these pictures; check out his flickr!

There were an endless amount of vendors in a sort of trade show gathering, where small local businesses as well as larger corporations had stands showing off their food and handing out samples.


Beer & Fondue @ Gudrun Tasting Room

Since Tiff had a nearly expiring group voucher for Gudrun, she brought me to give it a try after I had brought her to Capstone for the cheese fondue there.  Both are very different, and I was glad she brought me to try this one.

Located snugly in Steveston, we initially had some difficulty finding Gudrun.  It was sort of in this nook and hidden.  The interior was quite cute and Tiff was quite fond of the decor and flowers.  Since it was a Friday night, it was quite busy.


Tea & Matcha @ Après-Midi Teahouse

Super long and delayed post here because I wanted to try a few more things here before writing this. A long while ago (I'm talking all the way back to the Phnom Penh post), I went with eatingwithkirby and krispymilk to Apres Midi Teahouse in Gastown. It's a bit hidden since you have to go inside a little entrance leading to Gaowler Mews which is near Blood Alley and Carrall Street. There's an entrance right next to Coffee Bar and another next to Vera's.

What I find special here is that the establishment focuses on teas rather than coffee. They have a wide vareity of teas to choose from, but mind you, they also have one drink on the menu plainly called "coffee" as well.