Ribs & Chicken @ White Spot

I don't particularly have fond memories of going to an actual White Spot, but I do remember having Pirate Paks, especially at birthday parties at The Zone.  Those pirate ships were so cool.  The fact that White Spot started here in BC in the 1930's with Nat Bailey is also kind of awesome.

Since I wanted the ribs as well as the chicken, in the end I ordered the baby back ribs and crispy buttermilk chicken ($19) -- and because I'm so healthy, I swapped the fries for a caesar salad.  I thought the chicken was kind of disappointing, since it was a bit bland and the exterior was not crisp not crunchy.  However, the ribs were definitely falling off the bone and quite flavourful, so that made up for it.  Not bad for only being $4 extra since just the chicken was $15.

Although the BC chicken burger was ordered, the beef one showed up -- I think it's the bacon cheddar bigger burger ($12.99).  Oh well.  At first we thought the  was supposed to somehow represent our province, but it actually stands for "bacon cheese" burger.  This seemed to be a fairly standard burger, and I always do enjoy Triple O's secret sauce.

The chocolate milkshake ($5) was good too.  I always want to order this whenever I'm at the Triple O's on SFU, but it makes me feel like too much of a glutton.  However, I'll probably reconsider next time since it was really just what I needed to go with the copious amount of meat.

White Spot
2850 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 873-1252
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