Kimchi & Soup @ Wang Ga Ma

I joined Diana and Kimberly for lunch at H-Mart on Robson during our lunch breaks.  H-Mart actually has several food options with most of them being a Korean and Japanese.  I opted for Wang Ga Ma, since it was a cold day and soup was in order.

I initially wanted to go for the beef rib soup, but alas they were sold out.  Instead I opted for the #3 spicy beef broth ($8) with the noodles.  Although it was quite tasty with a good amount of spiciness and beef taste, there was actually quite a bit of MSG in it, and I felt quite thirsty after.

I opted for the soup with noodles rather than rice on the side.  The noodles were reminiscent of the white rice noodles in pho, which I enjoy.  There were a lot of noodles, and it was a filling meal.

On another occasion, one again, the beef rib soup sold out, so I had the beef soup ($7) -- this time with rice on the side.  I was a bit disappointed when I got my meal since it arrived quite promptly.  Somehow I feel like this is a bad sign since it means it was ready even before I ordered, but I guess that is often the case with soup.

The beef inside was alright; kind of chewy and not too tender.  I did like the soup itself though since it was quite well flavoured.  It also came with vermicelli, which I enjoyed.  All in all, Wang Ga Ma in H-Mart is decent for quick and cheap eats in downtown.

Wang Ga Ma
590 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 614-7100
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