Hellz Chicken & Kakuni Bibimbap @ Suika

After my last and only visit to Suika, I've been meaning to go back because I didn't think it was all that amazing last time around.  And since people say it is indeed amazing, I wanted to make sure I hadn't missed out anything.

On this occasion, I had the ginger ale, which is made from actual juice of ginger.  I enjoyed the refreshing beverage, which was not overly sweet.  This drink was needed in anticipation of pain to come.  More on that later.

The kakuni bibimbap ($8.80) with pork belly on rice in a stone bowl was pretty good.  I appreciated the rich aromatic flavours from the marinade which worked well with the fatty piece of pork.  Stone bowl is always good in the winter, since it keeps the rice piping hot, and the crunchy pieces of rice on the bottom are not bad either.

I thought the asari yaki udon ($9.80) to be a tad plain -- possibly because of the rich flavours from the bibimbap.  This was much lighter since it was pan fried with clams and lacked the usual soy sauce based sauce accustomed to yakiudon.  Said sauce, however, would definitely be too overpowering for the clams.  Nonetheless, the udon was perfectly cooked and the noodles didn't seem like the weird variety that is vacuum-packed.  This type tends to have a sour taste, and rather, I believe they used the frozen variety, which I much prefer.

The hellz chicken was something that we missed out on last time around, and I had mentioned that I wanted to have it even before we got to the restaurant.  With a blend of jalapeno, hot sauce, lemon, garlic, vinegar, and Tabasco sauce covering the fried chicken, this was... surprisingly not too spicy.  It definitely packed a punch and I was slightly (only ever so slightly) tearing from it, but I had anticipated much worse.  Apparently it's gone too mainstream, and it's not as spicy as before.  Still, I liked the blend of acidity to the hot sauce, and the chicken was nicely fried as well.

All in all, I liked this meal a lot more than the previous time, even though it was quite a carb heavy meal.  I wanted more hellz chicken after the meal, and I'll definitely be back to try out other various dishes as well.

1626 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 730-1678
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