XLBs & Wontons @ Shanghai XiaoLongBao Restaurant 上海九鼎

More pre-holiday lunches with the work crew, this time at one of the only Chinese restaurants around the area, Shanghai XiaoLongBao Restaurant 上海九鼎.  This restaurant is fairly new, and despite the somewhat boring exterior, the interior décor actually looks quite (Asian) fancy.

With the restaurant name "Shanghai XiaoLongBao Restaurant", you kind of have to order the xiao long baos here.  They were alright, but they weren't so amazing that it should have been the name of the restaurant.  Size-wise, they were normal (bigger than Dinesty), but the skin was a tad thicker.  Meat and soup-wise it was fine, though I would have liked more soup inside.

The spicy wontons were pretty good.  I haven't found a restaurant that actually messes this up, but I would've liked the chili oil to be spicier.

The sheng jian bao or pan fried buns was pretty good.  I was surprised that they too, like the xlbs, were filled with broth.  Not every restaurant gets that right.

We also had the yang chow fried rice which is really not that Shanghainese, but we needed carbs.  I don't think I had a chance to try it actually, but the shanghai stir fried noodles were pretty good, flavour-wise.  A tad oily, but I find this often happens with this dish.  Overall, the restaurant was not amazing, but due to the lack of (authentic) Chinese options here, I'd say it's not bad.  Not sure if I would revisit since I live in Richmond, the land of all Chinese restaurants, but maybe if I had major xlb cravings while at work.

Shanghai XiaoLongBao Restaurant 上海九鼎
469 Richards St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-8816
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