Laksa & Vermicelli @ Le Riz Asian Fusion Cafe 米芝樂

Since I was really in the mood for something different for lunch in Richmond, we headed to the restaurant that was formerly Best Bubble.  This space had changed recently to Le Riz Asian Fusion Cafe, which serves a mix of Southeast Asian cuisine, as well as Hong Kong cafe style food.  Since I recognized the owners, as they used to operate a Malaysian restaurant on Alexandra Road, we strayed away from the HK style food.

The Malaysian-style fried vermicelli (~$7) was alright.  It was nicely stir fried and the vermicelli was not overly dry or moist -- just right.  However, I found the sauce it was stir fried with to be quite boring, and it reminded me of soy sauce fried noodles common to Chinese restaurants.  Portion wise, it was decent for $7.

The laksa noodles ($8) were also just alright as well.  I never know what to expect with laksa since there are so many variants.  This one here had a good curry taste that wasn't too overpowering, as well as a very strong ginger taste which warmed me up on a cold winter's day.  The egg half was a bit overcooked, and I found bits of the yolk to be melting into the soup.

The bowl was huge, but it was more soup than anything.  Still, it was quite filling, and I appreciated the thick noodles which were cooked just right. I found the chicken to be a tad dry though.  Overall the meal was decent, but I wouldn't say it was amazing.  The food was fairly standard, and decently priced, since they came with beverages (such as the milk tea seen above).

Le Riz Asian Fusion Cafe 米芝樂
#1031-8300 Capstan Way 
Richmond, BC 
(604) 370-1336
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