Pork Tenderloin & Beans @ La Cigale French Bistro

To celebrate Kem's birthday, we headed for La Cigale French Bistro in Kitsilano.  Ironically we were here last year for this occasion, but back then, this restaurant was Bistrot Bistro.  Regardless, the décor was the same, and the food was still French.  However, the menu was quite a bit different from before.

To start, I had the French onion soup ($8.75), which was really quite cheesy.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was not overly salty, which is often the case.  The cheese was quite rich and cheesy and provided a nice balance to the soup which had a good sweetness from the onions.  However, I was a bit disappointed that there was quite a bit of onion inside the soup and hence not enough soup.  Along with the croutons and onions, the bowl was probably only a quarter full of soup.

I had the roasted pork tenderloin with white bean ragout and sage ($18.75), which was really good.  The pork was quite moist and not dry at all, even though it was quite lean.  It was nicely marinated, and since it was only coated on the outside, the meat inside wasn't overly salty.  The bean ragout was amazing since it was cooked with the pork drippings and just really good.  I was pleased that there were so many since it was good for sharing.

The braised lamb shank ($20) was not bad and although Camille said it wasn't too gamey, I thought it was a bit after I had a bite of beef from another dish.  Regardless, the lamb was very nicely braised and quite tender.  Although the sauce was good, I could see how this could eventually be quite salty if one were to finish the whole dish.

Dorothy had the roasted chicken, garlic and thyme au jus ($19).  They definitely didn't skimp on this and served the entire half of a chicken.  The portion I had was quite moist and well done, but I was really surprised that it was so garlicky.  They were really quite generous with the whole cloves of roasted garlic!

Overall it was a very enjoyable meal at La Cigale.  The prices are quite reasonable, not unlike Les Faux Bourgeois.  The restaurant was also quite accommodating even though we were a large group and service was quite good.

Photo: Camille Wong

La Cigale French Bistro
1961 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 732-0004
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you seemed dissappointed the dishes weren't salty enough for you to complain about. It seems like you look for things to bitch about.

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