Steak & Eggs @ Eh! Restaurant

On a Friday morning, I joined Tiffany at Eh! Restaurant in the Canadian College of English Language on Alberni for some steak and eggs.  Every Friday, Eh! offers tenderloin all day, with steak and eggs until 11am in the morning for $8, as well as peppercorn steak and steak with prawn for lunch and dinner.

For $8, the two small cuts of steak come with two eggs as well as hash browns.  The hashbrowns weren't bad, although I prefer the shredded variety more.  Still, since these were quite thinly sliced, it was still alright.  The eggs came out perfectly over easy, as I had requested.

Tiffany had her eggs scrambled, which seemed decent.  I'm not a fan of scrambled eggs, really.

I had ordered my steak medium rare, but one of them came more medium-well than anything.  This was pretty disappointing.  Tiff had hers medium and that was overdone as well.  I was a bit happier when the other one turned out to be more medium though.  Otherwise, the cuts of meat weren't bad for $8.  The meals also came with an option of bagel or toast.  All this for $8 is really kind of amazing, especially since the décor is really decent.  I don't think a meal like this could be had anywhere else as nice in the Lower Mainland, and especially not downtown.

Eh! Restaurant
2nd floor, 1050 Alberni St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-9915
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