XLB & Lunch @ Dinesty Chinese Restaurant 聚

It's been a while since I've been to Dinesty in Richmond -- I remember there was a brief period last year when I went every other week, alternating from lunch to dinner.  This time I went back to one of my favourite Shanghainese (/Taiwanese) restaurants for a hearty lunch.

This dish has grown to be one of my favourites even though it hasn't been documented in the last two posts: the pork pot stickers ($4.95 for six).  This is one of the few places that do them so right, with a perfectly pan fried exterior.  Since they're longer than the usual ones, this means there's a higher surface area to volume ratio -- more crunchy exterior!

I really enjoyed the rice cake portion of the stir fried rice cake with pork chop ($7.95) moreso than the pork chop.  I found that the sauce complimented the plain but chewy rice cakes quite well, but the pork was overly soaked in sauce and a tad too salty for my taste.

Of course, no Shanghainese meal would be complete without xiao long bao dumplings ($5.95), and we ordered four orders.  Although I do appreciate the thinness of the dumpling wrappers, I still find the xlbs here to be too small.  This means less soup! Regardless, it's one of the few places that has very consistent xlbs.

The menu describes this as stewed pork shank with "brown sauce" ($20.95) -- it's essentially braised pork shank with the usual Asian blend based on oyster sauce.  As the most expensive item on the menu, this thing was massive and even with the nine of us, there was quite a bit left over.  The fatty piece of pork was braised quite well and soft, and I really liked the pork with the crispy bean curds.

The shredded pork with hoi sin sauce and pancakes ($11.95) was delicious and surprisingly, not overly salty.  There were definitely not enough thin crepe-like wrappers due to the generous amount of pork shredded pork.  The hot and sour soup ($5.95) was a disappointment since there were quite a few starch clumps inside.  But otherwise, this was the only disappointment to a filling and delicious meal.

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Dinesty Chinese Restaurant 聚 
8111 Ackroyd Rd
Richmond, BC
(604) 303-7772
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