Birthdays & Mussels @ Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar

We headed to Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar last week for their first year birthday party.  (Hence the blog title -- it wasn't actually anyone's birthday.)  Although I had been there only once previously, it seemed like this restaurant had been here for much longer than that! I foresee trips here for brunch in the near future.

We tried both the mussels with white wine and herb butter as well as the coconut and jalapeno were plump and juicy.  I liked how bread was served because sop is always good with the mussel juice and broth.

I never realized that Chewie's had an open kitchen.  Pretty awesome.  The crab cakes were piping hot and choked full of finely shredded crab meat.  I enjoyed the croquette-like exterior.

We enjoyed a variety of different fresh shucked oysters on half shells -- all of which were fresh and free from bits of shell! The oysters here were not very large, which I liked.  I feel like I've had better experiences with smaller ones, and it's a good excuse to have more oysters!

As samples of their southern fried chicken, they served deep fried wings instead.  These were a treat with their lightly crunchy exterior and soft meat inside.  The southern fried chicken normally on served here is good, since it's quite moist as well.

More: Rick Chung / Photo: Rick Chung

2201 W 1st Ave 
Vancouver, BC
(604) 558-4448
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