Holidays & Lunches @ Al Porto

For our company lunch, over fifty of us headed to the nearby Al Porto in Gastown to celebrate the holidays.  The good thing about Al Porto is that it has a large dining room upstairs.  We dined from a set menu where we could each course.

I should've opted for the caprese salad, but I didn't -- mainly because I had anticipated tomatoes (which I dislike raw).  However, I didn't know that my salad (below) would also have tomatoes.  The cheese in this one would have made up for them.

The insalata mixa with organic mixed greens was alright.  I quite liked the dijon and olive oil vinaigrette, but I would've liked the cheese from the caprese more.

I opted for the grilled wild BC salmon for the entree.  I thought the salmon was a bit hard -- not tough per se but the edges were just a bit hard, maybe from being dry.  Otherwise, it was alright.  The mashed potatoes it was serve with was fluffy and went well with the salmon.

The ricotta and spinach cannelloni was another option.  It seemed to be quite good, but really heavy, as the portion was quite large.  All the lunches came with a tiramisu, which was pretty creamy and smooth.  It didn't disappoint, though I found the lady fingers to be quite weak with espresso.  Overall it was a fairly good meal at Al Porto, and we were all very satiated and food coma-ing by the end of it.

Al Porto
321 Water St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 683-8376
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