Miso & Katsu @ Mogu Japanese Street Eats

In search for a quick lunch, we dropped by Mogu Japanese Street Eats to grabs some sandwiches.  This is one of the newer food trucks in town, and is usually stationed across Sephora in Pacific Centre.

I commend Mogu on their really unique mural on the side of the food truck.  It's of a Godzilla-like beast chasing Japanese people carrying Mogu burgers! Really cute and unique.

I had the pork miso katsu sandwich ($7.50), with breaded deep fried pork cutlet, house made red miso sauce, asian hot mustard coleslaw. The katsu was so big, it was sticking out of the bun! The bun itself seemed of quite high quality since it was soft and fresh.  The katsu was covered in the miso sauce, which was a bit overly salty and overpowered the natural taste of the pork.  It also resulted in a somewhat soggy exterior for the katsu.  The coleslaw balanced the flavours slightly though.

Derek had the pulled chicken teriyaki sandwich ($7.50) with roasted pulled chicken, house made teriyaki and Japanese tartar sauce, red onions, and lettuce.  It seemed like it had quite a bit of sauce.

Mogu was a bit underwhelming for me, mostly because the miso sauce in the katsu sandwich was just so overpowering. I prefer the katsu sandwich from Saboten more, but I'll definitely come back for its karaage.

Mogu Japanese Street Eats
610 Howe street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 764-7977
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