Kobe Beef & Rice Burgers @ Guu Garden

Our department made a trip to Guu Garden for a lunch.  Team building at its finest, really.  It was my first time trying this location, and I was happy to cross another one off my list.  This is one of the two Guus in downtown that offer lunch actually, with the other being Guu Original, as well as Richmond.  After a very lengthy wait, we finally got our bento boxes.

I was set on getting the kobe beef rice burger (~$11) since it's apparently the item to get and none of the other Guus offer it.  The bento comes with a salad with a prawn and wasabi dressing, as well as what seemed like shungiku vegetable with sesame oil.  The dressing had a nice touch of wasabi that wasn't overbearing.  It also came with green bean tempura, which I usually love, but I found this to be cold.

The kobe beef patty was good since it was cooked just right and definitely not overcooked.  Instead of normal buns made of bread, they were made of rice.  I had originally thought they would be crunchy, but actually, they were made of fresh rice and slightly chewy.  It was alright, and I appreciated the nice change.  The only thing that bothered me was the tartar sauce which was quite fluorescently-pink.  It reminded me of the image of pink goo chicken nuggets.  Not appetizing.

Betty ordered the tuna variety for her rice burger.  There was also an option to swap the green bean tempura for chicken karaage for an extra $2.  It seemed quite appetizing, but I wonder if they were served cold like the green beans.  Overall, it was an alright meal, but since the food took so long to arrive, we were a bit disappointed.

M101-888 Nelson Street   
Vancouver, BC 
(604) 899-0855
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