Chowder & Mussels @ Coast Restaurant

After a day's worth of wandering downtown, Doro and I headed to Glowbal Group's Coast Restaurant for dinner since I wanted chowder.  It was actually my first time there for a meal.

The new england chowder ($9) was not bad.  I enjoyed the addition of bacon and the two mussels, but I couldn't find a single manila clam, which was listed on the menu.  There were, however, some chewy tasteless bits that seemed to be similar to surf clams.  Although it was chocked full of vegetables (namely carrots), I wish the overall viscosity was a bit thicker and richer.

When we sat down, I noticed the table next to us were picking at a steamer with mysterious crunchy bits in them.  Not knowing that was actually the calamari ($9), we had ordered it as well.  Darn. Upon first glance it seemed okay, but the pieces of squid were quite tough.  Dorothy had had this here before, and she noted she had positive experiences before.

After two pieces, the batter was falling apart every where and the squid and batter separated.  We sent it back to the kitchen, and we were pleased they were pretty good about it.  Since I was actually pretty full, I didn't really want any carbs and didn't feel like I could appreciate a large piece of fish.  Instead, I opted for the mussels done "classic style" ($19).

The mussels were huge and really quite juicy.  They were also quite rich with chardonnay, which I really liked.  They were good and probably even better than my favourite ones from Seasons.  The fries were nothing special, but some of them were quite salty.

The waiter recommended the sablefish ($36), stating it was really buttery -- which naturally makes sense due to it's high omega-3 content.  Although I usually find sablefish to be a treat, I felt this piece of fish to be unexciting.  The meat itself was not that smooth, with the "fibres" of the fish quite discernible upon chewing.  I did like the sauce though.  Dorothy agreed that it was not too buttery, but she noted it tasted better as she finished the fish.  All in all, my first visit to Coast was quite disappointing.

1054 Alberni St 
Vancouver, BC
(604) 685-5010
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