Endless Beef & Shungiku @ Claypot Hotpot and B.B.Q. 農場火鍋

One of the best things about winter is that the cold weather makes for a perfect excuse to have hot pot.  I love hot pot, and I often enjoy it in the summer as well.  However, most people are less than willing to join me, so I usually resort to personal sized hot pots.  One of our favourite hot pot places in Richmond is Claypot Hotpot on Alexandra.

Hot pot here is all-you-can-eat, at $19 per person.  Soup bases, like most places, are separate though and range from $7 to $10 per table.  We stuck to the parsley and century old egg due to my family's aversion to spicy.  Not my favourite, but I can deal with it.

The endless amount of nicely marbled beef is always a delight. I typically dump a lot into the pot to boil for a few seconds, whereas at home, I cook them slice by slice.  It's more efficient this way when it's unlimited beef.

Another great thing about AYCE hot pot is the small portions of large varieties of vegetables.  Leafy greens were served in tiny wok-like bowls.  I was pleased that the veggies, including shungiku, watercress, and Chinese lettuce, were quite fresh.

The first time around I ordered many more pieces of the stuff on the leftmost dish compared to what actually came.  Seven pieces of kabocha squash amounted to only two and same for the taro.  That was a bit frustrating.  The oysters though, were quite large and fresh.  Size is something that I find to vary wildly though, so be warned.  The various dumplings and wontons were (not surprisingly) of the frozen variety.

The second time around, although we were already getting a bit full, I ordered a few more pieces of the stuff that was short the first time.  They gave us way more than I had ordered.  I hate it when that happens.  Food-wise, the taro here is always a winner since it's pre-fried and will cook until it's soft.  I also love the squash (yay carbs!), but I found the corn here to be pretty bad.  I also tried ordering just enoki mushrooms but they gave the "assorted mushrooms" as per the menu.

The deep fried fish skin was not as good as Fatty Cow's since they were a tad thicker, but nonetheless had a good crunch to them.  I also really like the lamb shoulder slices which are quite a bit thinner than the beef slices.  I also love vermicelli and glass noodles (which are thicker) since they soak up quite a bit of the soup.

Aside from the discrepancies in the amount of food ordered and given, I still find meals at Claypot to be a treat.  Endless beef slices are just amazing.

Claypot Hotpot and B.B.Q. 農場火鍋
8291 Alexandra Rd
Richmond, BC
(604) 284-5181
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