Ribs & Japchae @ Chungdam Ahn

After the Shake Up Yaletown event at Minami, we headed off for more eats at Chungdam Ahn down on Robson.  Turns out they offer a discount on weekdays before 7pm, so it was a tad unfortunate we had just missed the cut.  It seemed like many young Koreans came here as well, despite it being a weekday.

The galbi BBQ short ribs ($15) were alright -- although they were quite flavourful and well-seasoned, I found some of the meats a bit tough.  They nonetheless hit the spot though since it's been a long while since I've had BBQ short ribs.

The seafood japchae ($15) had a generous amount of mussels and prawns, as well as onions, but I didn't find the dish all too special.  The taste of sesame oil was quite strong.  I do like sweet potato noodles though, so I didn't really dislike this dish.

The beef stone bowl rice was quite underwhelming.  Although the beef had a strong bulgogi marinade to it, there wasn't that much and the beef slices were quite shredded.  The other toppings, which were mostly veggies, didn't seem to add much value to the dish either.  The garlic chicken ($16) on the other hand, was quite nicely fried and had a nice crunch to them.  The pieces had a slight heat to them, and although I appreciated the addition of rice cakes, I wish they had a bit more springy-mochiness to them.  Overall, the meal at Chungdam was sadly a bit underwhelming.

Chungdam Ahn
832 Cardero St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 688-3632
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