Steak & Garlic Fries @ Big River Brew Pub

Enticed by the prospect of cheap steaks and garlic fries, we headed to Big River Brew Pub, a sort of gastropub connected to The Zone Bowling Centre at Silvercity Riverport.  Since they are a brew pub after all, they brew their own beer, which we found to be quite decent and good.

Carbs topped with cheese? Sure, why not.  We shared the triple cheese bread ($6) which was essentially baguette covered with grated cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan.  Although simple, it was delicious with the stringy cheese.  The marginal cost on these are really low though, but at least now I have been inspired to make this at home.

Rick was set on the steak frittes (~$13) before we had even arrived at the restaurant.  The sirloin steak, served with garlic butter, was alright.  For the price, you can't really ask for the best cut of meat, but it was generally tender.  It was served with the garlic fries, which every single table surrounding us also ordered.  The thick cut fries were simply topped with fresh pressed garlic, which was quite spicy alone with the fries.  We quite enjoyed these.

Since I also wanted a steak and had to diversify for the sake of this blog, I had the Big River pepper steak ($17), which was a New York striploin with peppercorn sauce.  For $4 more, this steak was larger and not that much different.  I was a bit disappointed it was cooked slightly more "medium" than "medium-rare" though.  The peppercorn sauce was not as creamy as that of Eh! Restaurant.  However, this was instead served with garlic mashed potatoes, not fries.  I didn't taste much garlic, but that might have been because of the garlic fries.

Although I'm not keen on brownies since I find them usually too sweet, the Big River Brownie ($6) was the only dessert made in house.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually not overly sweet (although still sweet), and the texture was quite soft and somewhat cake like.  And also surprisingly, there were two pieces!

I'd say Big River is decent for the price and hit the spot for our steak cravings. However, I still do prefer Eh! Restaurant a bit more, which sadly, offers steak (tenderloin!) only on Fridays.

Big River Brew Pub
150-14200 Entertainment Blvd
Richmond, BC
(604) 271-2739
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