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Despite having been to Minami earlier this week for Shake Up Yaletown and having already sampled some of their food, I went back two days later with Dorothy for a full meal.  We went for the $45 Taste of Yaletown menu since the $35 was a vegetarian option.

To start was minami zen, consisting of four parts: slow roasted beet, ebi fritter, sablefish, and short rib.  I am not fond of beets, and here, I just ate it as soon and as quickly as possible to get it with.  The ebi fritter was a disappointment, since it was mostly batter.  The prawn took up probably half of whole thing.

The saikyo miso baked sablefish, on the otherhand, although fairly small, was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  The soy braised short rib was also really quite soft and tender. I enjoyed it with the potato puree, which gave it a nice twist of fusion that was actually decent.

We also added the wagyu beef wrapped pan seared scallops with sous-vide wild mushrooms ($17).  
Although beautifully plated, it was mostly mushrooms with only three pieces of scallop wrapped in the sacred beef.  The high intensity marbled beef was good with the fairly sized scallops and wasabi salsa verde, and I enjoyed the mushrooms.

The star of the show was really the aburi sushi.  Each Taste of Yaletown set came with six pieces.  On the leftmost were the hamachi, ebi, and bincho aburi sushi.  I thought the shrimp ebi was really the star out of these three, with the mayo like sauce on top.

On the right were the minami roll, saba oshi, and salmon oshi.  We were really glad we started from the left because the saba and salmon pressed rolls are seriously the most amazing things ever.  The lightly seared exterior bring out the fattiness and flavours from the fish perfectly along with the sauce on top.  I don't even recall much about the minami roll because the other two were so good.

I liked the minami chocolate croissant bread pudding which had some nice crunchy bits of bread since it was made of croissant.  I liked the savouriness the candied walnuts added, along with the vanilla ice cream.

Although most of the food was pretty good, the pressed sushi was by far the most amazing thing and set the restaurant apart.  I really just want to go to Minami and have a plate (or two) of the aburi oshi sushi all to myself.

More: Rick Chung | Photo: Rick ChungDorothy Yang

1118 Mainland St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 685-8080
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