Toast & Brunch @ Catch 122

Prior to a day of shopping, Dorothy and I went out to Catch 122 for some much needed brunch.  After running a list of options for somewhere that wouldn't have too long of a wait yet still located around the downtown core, we ended up here at the edge of Gastown.

Feeling like a more traditional breakfast, I had The Gastown ($12), which included over easy eggs, farmer pork sausage, arugula salad, Yukon nugget potato hash, tomato pear chutney, and toast.  While nothing was life-changingly good, everything was decent and done properly.  The toast was especially delicious and felt very homemade.

Her croque madame ($12) was done "The Parisian Way" -- with a poached egg, grilled black forest ham, Swiss cheese, sliced tomato, béchamel sauce, arugula salad, and Yukon nugget potato hash.  I'm not exactly sure where the arugula salad was, but I really enjoyed this sandwich, more so than my own breakfast.  Runny eggs and cheese and ham are just a perfect combination, especially when served with delicious bread.

Overall it was a good place to grab some brunch sans the long lines and waits.  It's also quite a bit cheaper than some restaurants (I'm looking at you, Cafe Medina), but it was also a tad smaller in portion as well.

122 West Hastings Street   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 731-3474
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