Croquette & Sashimi @ Sushi Han

Despite having driven past this establishment for eight years in my life, I never once considered going to Sushi Han; it just wasn't of interest to me.  I have to note though, those seven years took place from kindergarten to grade seven.  It wasn't until I had seen it on 365 Days of Dining that I decided to give it a shot for a quick lunch.

I opted for sushi box G ($10.50), which came with seven pieces of nigiri sushi as well as tuna maki.  The tai sushi was alright, but I found the other pieces of fish to be boring (slightly below standard and not amazing).  The tamago was a disappointment with its grey-ish tinge and crumbly interior.

Mama Leung opted for the prawn and croquette set with sashimi ($8.95).  I probably would not have chosen this, especially when they spell out croquette and not the anglicized Japanese name, "korokke".  Not that it makes things any better or worse -- it just feels wrong.  The fried potato looked more like a hash brown than a korokke, but the prawn wasn't bad.

Hiding underneath the plate of sauce (yes, that's how it was presented to us,) were two pieces of salmon and two pieces of tuna sashimi.  They all looked like they had been hacked at with a knife.  Strange how there are grooves on these pieces of fish.  The tuna was quite mushy and neither of them seemed fresh.

Apparently they have been in business for seventeen years.  It seems to cater mostly to those who are looking for a cheap meal.

Sushi Han
6020 Blundell Rd   
Richmond, BC
(604) 271-1117
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