Original & Chocolate Hazelnut @ Pinkberry

Although I frequented Metrotown quite a bit during the summer, I don't really know why I never visited Pinkberry.  It's probably because I often eat too much and then shop... so I'm never really that hungry.  Prior to our dinner in Burnaby, we came here for dessert. Naturally.

Instead of the typical self-serve froyo or pay by weight froyo common to Vancouver (at places such as Qoola and Scoop), Pinkberry is a fully-operated froyo chain.  Three sizes are available and toppings are "unlimited" until it fills the brim basically.  It's also possible to get more than one flavour; we shared the chocolate hazelnut and original in a medium size.

The original froyo was really creamy and smooth.  I enjoyed it a lot, and it's probably one of my favourites now.  The chocolate hazelnut felt like soft serve ice cream -- a bit different from the froyo I'm used to, but Rick enjoyed it.

Toppings wise, the mochi was fresh and soft.  I enjoyed the wafer and cookie options that aren't as available at other froyo places.  Overall, Pinkberry is quite delicious and although it isn't possible to get only a small dab of yogurt for $2 (which is what I usually do at Menchie's), it's a better bang for your buck.

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4700 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 569-1300
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